If you want to get something done , elephant can help you out with:

  • Studio recording
  • Studio mixing
  • Live recording
  • Live mixing
But most of all, elephant likes to help you out concept-wise, thinking along concerning the whole project rather than just doing an isolated job and going home. 

Elephant doesn’t own a recording studio but works as a freelance engineer. This makes it possible to be very flexible when taking on projects. Some places and people are frequent companions though, check out links and get to know them.


Altough no studio owner, elephant is the main inhabitant of a particular small studio. This way it is possible to deliver absolute first class sound quality and super fast editing as a result of knowing the equipment and the acoustics of the room inside out.


  • Autumn Autumn
  • Scattered remains, Piet vd Heuvel Scattered remains, Piet vd Heuvel Tracking Piet van den heuvels latest album part 2
  • Kommil foo 2012 Kommil foo 2012 'live in the studio'
  • Le compte Ory, opera Zurich Le compte Ory, opera Zurich Opera Zurich
  • Le compte Ory Le compte Ory Recording in Zurich
  • The artist, flagey The artist, flagey setup at flagey
  • Take that, Manchester Take that, Manchester manchester city center
  • pub gig, den hoek pub gig, den hoek Pub gig
  • Bart Buls, motormusic Bart Buls, motormusic piet van den heuvel at motormusic
  • Mobile setup MM Mobile setup MM mm
  • Kommil foo 2012 Kommil foo 2012 Recording kommil foo 2012
  • Live in the studio Live in the studio kommil foo at motormusic
  • Kommil foo 2012 Kommil foo 2012 Kommil foo, motormusic
  • Het Concertgebouw, Amsterdam Het Concertgebouw, Amsterdam amsterdam, nice folks!
  • Flagey, Brussels Phil Flagey, Brussels Phil Recording setup
  • The fellows, London The fellows, London mix london
  • Groove, all gone Groove, all gone De groove
  • Het concertgebouw, Brugge Het concertgebouw, Brugge brugge, mm
  • La cite de Paris, Brussels Phil La cite de Paris, Brussels Phil Brussels philharmonic, mm
  • Arras 2011, OB Arras 2011, OB ob alfacam