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44.1k, 16 bit

Recently the blogosphere has been buzzing again about sample rate and bit depth. For me there are only a few people who manage to make concise clarifications on the topic, please have a read:



Personally, I’m still looking for is a clear explanation of the benefit gained from higher sample rates and plugin processing. Accumulation errors are taking place, that’s a fact, so what are the real world implications?

For now, I’m sticking with 48k, 32 float wherever possible.


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The January tapes


A clip from Piet van den Heuvel’s january tapes. Mixed by yours truly.

Welcome to the elephant cage

If you are viewing this on the front page you are one of the first people having a look around the elephants’ blog. Company websites seem a bit outdated, that’s how this blog came about. Still a lot of tweaking and polishing going on, but you’re welcome to have a look around, share and comment.


The elephant in the room