As of the end of last year, I have been mixing FOH for Raymond van het Groenewoud. A pleasure to say the least.

2013-12-11 17.20.23

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Day to day

Some phone impressions

Phone pics

lady linn, cc heist, live recording

live recording Lady Linn and her magnificent seven @ CC Heist

digital mobility

┬áDigital ‘mobility’

pigeon piano @ icp

Pigeon piano

Red premiere

Red premiere

roma defilharmonie bert joris

Live recording Bert Joris & deFilharmonie @ Roma

roma defilharmonie bertjoris

Gezellige regie @ de Roma

singel sushi

De singel live recording deFilharmonie

viage brussel

Press release musical @ Viage

viage brussel kick

Kickbox gala @ viage..

44.1k, 16 bit

Recently the blogosphere has been buzzing again about sample rate and bit depth. For me there are only a few people who manage to make concise clarifications on the topic, please have a read:



Personally, I’m still looking for is a clear explanation of the benefit gained from higher sample rates and plugin processing. Accumulation errors are taking place, that’s a fact, so what are the real world implications?

For now, I’m sticking with 48k, 32 float wherever possible.